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Details of the certification fees for the different levels of PDQB assessments (examinations) can be obtained from any of the PDQB Centres. In the case of the National Progression Awards and Professional Development Awards a percentage of the fee is retained by the Centre to cover administration costs and the Assessor’s fee. The remainder covers Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) entry fees and the cost of the Certificate. The certification fee will normally be payable to the Centre in advance.

All candidates wishing to take PDQB qualifications must first be registered with one of the PDQB Centres. Examinations will be arranged by the Centre and the Centre will also appoint a PDQB-approved Assessor to conduct the assessment. On receipt of the assessment results from the Assessor, the Centre will arrange for the Certificate for National Progression Awards and Professional Development Awards to be issued by the SQA to successful candidates. Certificates for other PDQB qualifications will be issued by the Centre.

All monies returned to the PDQB Centre should be converted to pounds sterling.

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