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SQA Certificates & Syllabus

The PDQB offers the following Certificates to Pipers, Pipe Band Drummers, Tutors and Teachers of Piping and Pipe Band Drumming:

SQA/PDQB Piping and Pipe Band Drumming Qualifications Unit Specifications

Certificates in Scottish Bagpipes and Scottish Pipe Band Drumming at all levels involve both Theory and Performance (practical) examinations, each of which has a separate Scottish Qualifications Authority Unit Specification. Candidates for the SQA National Progression Awards and Professional Development Awards must obtain a pass in both the Theory and Performance Units before the full qualification can be awarded. The Unit Specification for each qualifications sets out the required Learning Outcomes together with general guidance on how the qualification will be assessed.

The Unit Specifications are available to potential candidates for information and can be downloaded as follows:

Sample Examination Papers

A sample paper for the Theory Examination for each of the qualifications in Scottish Bagpipes and Scottish Pipe Band Drumming can be downloaded as follows;

SCQF Snare Drum Exercises

Click here to access exercise sheets for SCQF levels 2-6 

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